Introduction of Dr. István Attila Oláh

After graduating at the Faculty of Law of the University of Miskolc, Hungary, a John Marshall Scholarship allowed me to spend a full academic year (1990/91) at the Rutgers University Law School, Newark, NJ, USA. Although being a scholar there, I also had the opportunity to participate in court proceedings and to get some insights into the preparation of court trials. I attended an American law conference as a speaker and concluded this period with a written thesis on the human rights aspects of the US and Hungarian Constitution.

Upon returning to Hungary, I entered the Bar Association of Debrecen in1991, and started working as an independent solicitor (attorney). My first office was located in Hajdúböszörmény, 20 km from Debrecen. In 1994 I moved to Debrecen, while I simultaneously run another office in Egyek (Hajdú-Bihar County, 60 km from Debrecen).

In February 2017 I established my one-member law firm.

My Law firm provides legal representation to business associations and other organizations within permanent/open-ended or casual mandates. I also have ample experience in various areas of civil law such as legal advice, document draftings and legal representation to private individuals, both in and out of court.

My current Law Firm is in the heart of Debrecen, located just 50 m from the intersection of Liszt Ferenc and Csapó streets, on the first floor of a condominium. The three rooms and the waiting room provides a proper atmosphere for a peaceful and thorough job.

I am available for my clients in Hungarian and English, and I also have a specialized legal education on foreign trade.


Corporate and Commercial Law

  • establishment of companies,
  • modification of company contracts,
  • transformation and elimination of business associations,
  • out-of-court and legal representation of undertakings,
  • legal advice and edit of contracts  in cennection with trade, services etc.

Copyright and industrial property rights

  • In the procedure of protection of trademark, pattern, design or other rights preparing and  submitting applications in the related procedures and representation in national,  community and international procedures,
  • edit of license agreement and usage contract

Civil Law

  • legal representation in the registration of associations and foundations supply
  • preparation and modification of founding documents
  • elimination of civil organizations

Real Estate Law

  • preparation of real estate contracts (sale, exchange, gift agreement, preparation of founding documents),
  • establishment of condominiums, modification of founding documents

Labor Law

  • documents relating to the establishment and termination of employment,
  • labor law counseling for workers and employers,
  • representation in labor lawsuits

Procurement Law

  • Represantion in a procurement procedure

Criminal Law


Dr. István Attila Oláh Lawyer

Specialization: Civil Law
Contact: +36309437207

Dr. Dávid István Oláh associate

Specialization: Criminal Law
Contact: +36309658750


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